Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Opinion on American Girl's New Release

Today, American Girl released some new items and Isabelle Palmer, GOTY 2014's whole collection.  Here we will take a look and I will give my opinion on the New Release.
First off, Isabelle.  I think she is very cute, and her meet outfit is as well.  I love the hairpiece and how her hair comes.  But take a look at this--$120.  The prices for GOTY just went up!  And we thought it was going up $5 every year!  Okay, okay, I get it--it's made out of good material and everything, but some people can't afford dolls!!
Next we have her accessories.  I think $30 is a little too much for a jacket, arm warmers, a little purse, a metro pass/school ID and a hairpin.  I do like the jacket, but I do not think I will be purchasing Isabelle or her accessories (unless I change my mind)
Isabelle's Pajamas.  These are actually really cute, and I like how AG still kept it $24. I think the headband is cute and the top is, too.
Isabelle's Metallic Dress. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!  It is adorable--AG totally needed to make something like this.  I think this would be perfect for Mal or Saige. :) 
This is Isabelle's performance set, and I think it's really cute.  I like how it's not all pink and the black leotard with leggings.  Some of that could be used as a gymnastic leotard, for you gymnastic fans ;)

Isabelle's purple leotard.  I like the gold down the middle, and for once AG didn't make a ridiculous price on just a leotard-$12 is actually quite reasonable.
Isabelle's rosette leotard.  I don't really see a difference to the other leotard except the rose and the colors, yet this is $10?? ;P
Isabelle's Coral Sweater. This is $14, and I think it is okay, if you know what I mean...
Isabelle's Wrap Sweater.  This is quite cute, also, but the person jumping or dancing on the side is kinda jk ;)
This is Isabelle's practice top, and $8 is actually a good price, but I do not think I will be purchasing this.
This is really cute!  I love the sparkles and the tie at the top--simply adorable!
These are Isabelle's scrunch pants.  The sequins at the top are cute..
Here is Isabelle's sparkly skort.  Once again, this is cute, but not something I would purchase.
Isabelle's legwarmers.  They are okay..but I don't really think my dolls need legwarmers, you know?  I think you could easily sew or make these out of a human sock.
Isabelle's Barre. I don't really want this, but I think the price is kinda outrageous just for those accessories and the barre (together $109 with the case thing), which you could get at another doll place (like OG) for about $20-$30.
Isabelle's kitten, named Tutu. I think this is so cute but I think Isabelle should have a different animal--maybe a turtle or a guinea pig?
This is a very cute set, but I think the price is kinda outrageous!! I think you could easily get something like that at another doll store for around $50-$100, but not $275!!  And the sewing machine--doesn't Our Generation have one of those?
Now for other non-Isabelle things...
The Pretty Pink Outfit, which I believe is for Valentine's Day.  This is really cute but I think AG should have branched out and done another color besides pink, like maybe black & pink together?
The Friends are Sweet Set.  I think you could make a lot of things in this set, other than the XOXO balloon which you could probably buy somewhere (they have mini balloons like that).
The Tennis Outfit is cute, but none of my dolls are really into tennis so it is not something I would be purchasing.
The Heart & Tank Brief Set.  My dolls might actually need something like that, but I don't know..
Pink Tank & Brief Set.  
Platform Sandals.  These are really cute! :) 
These are canvas sandals, they are cute but not really something I'd want ;)
The Turquoise Glasses, which are adorable!  They are backordered though??
The rosy glasses, which are also backordered???
The lime glasses.
A charm-keeper necklace.  Thankfully if you loose yours you can buy another for just $8.
Overall, AG's release was cute but some of it was overpriced.  My favorite was Isabelle's metallic dress and the turquoise glasses.
What do you think?

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