Friday, January 3, 2014

Dolly Sisters Weekly-1/3/13

AG Dolly Sisters Weekly #2, 1-3-13
Holiday Highlights
Hey girls!  It's Kit, and sorry this is a day late, Meatloaf had to go to the vet yesterday and I took him. Anyways, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and we hope you did, too!  Christmas was wonderful—we spent Christmas Eve baking cookies, singing Christmas carols, going to Mal's Christmas party and watching Christmas movies.  On Christmas Day we woke up, opened presents, had a big breakfast then talked about the true meaning of Christmas—Jesus.
For New Year's Eve, we stayed up till midnight and made popcorn (Saige got her hands on some Dr. Pepper-man was she hyper! o.O).  At midnight, we blew blow horns and threw confetti (which we had to clean up afterwards....).  On New Year's Day we made New Year's Resolutions (which will be posted soon)
It's a New Year!
It's finally 2014!  Be sure to check out our 2013 video!!  Now that the holidays are over, things wind down and there is not so much craziness.  How was your 2013?
That's all for this week!
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