Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: A Year in Review Video

Now that it is 2014, we wanted to remember 2013 by creating a Year in Review 2013.  I hope you enjoy the video!  The music is "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace, featuring tobyMac and "Me Without You" by tobyMac
Before we end this post, we want you all to know how thankful AG Dolly Sisters is.  We started in February, on the 16th, and we have grown enormously since then.  Without your help, AG Dolly Sisters wouldn't be here today.  We thank you all for just viewing, reading, leaving comments and sharing our blog with your friends.  We hope AG Dolly Sisters will have more posts and more followers soon, but we thank you for helping us with AG Dolly Sisters.  I hope you all had a wonderful 2013 and have an even more wonderful 2014.
Thank you! :)
~Hope, Molly, Saige, Ruthie, Mallory, Sydney Lee, Caroline and Kit.

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  1. Really? My b-day is the 15th! (Feb.) Happy New Year!

    -Dolllover <3


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