Wednesday, April 9, 2014

~Outside Photography Tips!~

Hey guys!  So I decided to make a little post about Outside Photography Tips, which can come in handy when filming in outside :) Let's go! :)

So first, you'll need some things.  Of course a camera, and a little bag to hold it in.  I always bring an AG hairbrush just in case of fly aways, etc.

So yeah, this bag comes in handy! Let's start! :)

Weather--When taking pictures outside, always consider the weather.  If it's overcast, be cautious of rain, so make sure to bring a towel just in case.  If it's sunny, that's perfect!  If it's snowing outside, I wouldn't recommend it, but light snow is fine!

Angles--When taking pictures, taking at different angles come in handy.  You could make the same picture look totally different by taking it at different angles!

Flash--Just remember--NO flash!  Flash makes your pictures look weird and it is just annoying XD

Zoom in! Make sure to zoom in if you think the picture would look better up close!  Don't you love this one?

Clothes--Of course, just like you would as a human, bring the proper clothes for your dollies.  Fall photoshoot?  No tanks and shorts!  Summer shoot?  No pants and sweaters! ;)

Background--When outside, background can make a huge difference.  It makes the picture look nicer and everything! :) It does wonders!

Hair--I can't tell you how annoyed I am when I see a picture where everything is wonderful, except the doll's hair.  Believe me, we've all seen it.  Make SURE your doll's hair isn't messy or tangly.  And believe me, I've been guilty of this crime before ;)

Photogenic Dolls-Keep in mind, when choosing the doll to take outside, remember your photogenic dolls.  Mine are Molly, Saige and Mallory. They always turn out wonderfully in pictures--not that I have anything against my other beautiful dollies!

Camera--Keep in mind, you don't want to use a phone camera because the quality is horrible (unless you have a magical editor or that's the only thing you have), iPad cameras are fine, but a real camera works wonders.

The perfect picture--Don't worry, It might take awhile for the perfect picture to come out.  Just don't give up!  Keep taking until you get the one you want!

Two dolls! Don't just take one doll, bring two!  I love this sweet picture of Molly and Saige!

I hope you enjoyed this post and my tips/pictures! :) 
P.S. Below are some of my FAVORITE pictures I've ever taken!  Watch for these pictures coming up in a new photostory! ;)


  1. Great tips & great pictures! I particularly love love love the picture of Molly above where you talk about Clothes. SO CUTE!

  2. Great tips!
    Additional suggestions for your outdoor photo shoot pack...clear plastic in case the ground is damp and something flat in case the area is just too uneven.
    I have found that sometimes when I don't have the flash that my pictures are blurry. Another photographer suggested holding my breath. It works sometimes. The good thing about digital can keep taking the picture until it is right and delete the not so good ones.

  3. Awesome tips, and those photo's are so beautiful. I use an iPad mini, the quality is good if the lighting is right, and it has focus. (but HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, BRUTAL, JUST AWFUL zoom!) My dad says for some photo's I could borrow the studio camera.... HEH HEH


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