Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Secret Princess Part 2

Hey girls! :) Part 2 is finally here, sorry for the long wait!  And after getting some survey results back, I will probably be posting more hair/craft tutorials ASAP! :D (Right after I finish this photostory!)
Ari woke up.  She was no longer in the forest, but in a bed.

"Where am I?" asked Ari, sitting up.  She looked around.  She was in a fancy room, and a girl no older then her with short blond hair pulled into three pigtails and round glasses walked towards her.

"Oh your awake, princess!"  "Princess?  Wait--what?" I asked.  Then it all came back to me.

"Why, yes dear.  Now why don't you dress?  The Queen requests your presence immediately."

The girl sat some a long pink dress with matching shoes & bow on my bed.  I changed into the dress.

The girl helped me with the shoes.  "Now princess, let me do your hair."  I wanted to object, I had done my hair many times, but I didn't want to be rude.

She brushed carefully through the curls, and recurled them as she finished.  She stuck the bow in.

"Such beautiful hair you have," the girl commented.  "Just like your mother."  "My mother?" I asked, turning around.  "Oh dear me, nevermind."

"Let me make your bed," the girl said.  "Your mother is waiting for you in the breakfast room.  It's outside and around the corner."

Ari headed outside.  What will my mother say? she thought Is this all just a joke?  Who am I?

Ari stopped when she saw a girl.  The girl looked a bit older then her and she had long, black hair pulled back with a bow.

"Arianna?  Is that you?" the girl asked softly.  "Yes, but who are you?"  "I'm Violet," she said, "I know it may be hard to believe, but I'm your sister."  "We look nothing alike though!" I said.

"I know," she said nodding, "but I need to tell you--your in danger."

"I've been hearing this all day!" Ari cried.  "Why am I even in danger?"  "When you were born," Violet began wistfully, "you were given the power of fire, like father.  I was given the power of fire, like mother."  "Where's our dad then?" Ari asked her.

A tear rolled down her cheek.  "He died," she said. "Why?  How?" Ari cried.  "The evil queen did it," Violet said.  "That's how dangerous fire is.  After he died, mother sent you away.  A servant put you in the river in a basket, and you ended up...well wherever you ended up."  Violet sighed.  "Well, I have to go," Ari said, "I need to meet with the Queen--I mean mother!"
How did you like Part 2?  :) Part 3 coming soon! :D
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Also, I took these pictures of Saige's hair outside, aren't they adorable?


  1. MY HEART JUMPED WHEN IS AW PART 2!! YAYYYYY! I love it, I can't WAIT for part three, this is such an interesting series! And wow her hair is gorgeous.

    - AnonymousA

  3. Saige looks really pretty in pink!:)
    I nominated you for the MagNeoBio Award, BTW.:)


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