Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Valentine & Ruthie's Birthday Party! -Revised 5-17-14-

Hey girls!  Did you have a fun Valentine's Day? :) I sure did--Valentine's Day is always a fun holiday!  Here's what happened during the Ruthie's birthday party with the dolls! :)
It was a bright, cheerful afternoon and the dolls were setting up for Ruthie's surprise birthday party!

Kit and Sydney Lee were in charge of the lunch & snacks--which had fruit, some dishes like hamburgers and soup, and a side-dish to go along with it.  Around it were some yummy treats! :) 

Next to the food were the stack of presents waiting for Ruthie to open.

Mallory and Saige, dressed in the height of fashion (of course) were chatting about their presents to Ruthie.

Caroline and Molly talked about the buffet--the treats looked so good!

Kit hissed, "I see her, here she comes!"

Ruthie opened the door.  "Surprise!" all the girls cried.  Ruthie held her hand up to her mouth.

"All this for me?" asked Ruthie, smiling.  The dolls nodded.

The dolls start going through the buffet and none of the food was left afterwards! ;)

Next, it was time to open presents.  All the dolls gathered around Ruthie.

Mallory handed Ruthie the first present

It was from Molly!  Ruthie tore open the neatly wrapped gift.

It was a book about crafts!  "Thank you so much, Molly!" cried Ruthie, paging through the book.

The next present was from Caroline

Ruthie gasped. "101 Crafts to do on a Rainy Day!" cried Ruthie, "I've always wanted it!"

She read the back—and couldn't wait to begin the book!

The next present was from Sydney Lee and Kit—a bracelet!  "It's a tradition," Kit explained, "every doll gets one on her birthday!  Syd and I make them!"

"Perfect fit!" said Ruthie, adjusting the bracelet on

Next was Saige's present!  Ruthie carefully removed the card and tore into the gift

"A Designs by Me craft book!" cried Ruthie.  "Thanks so much!"

The next gift was from Mallory.  "It's a bow I made!" Mal explained.  "I love it!" cried Ruthie. "My favorite colors!"

"Perfect fit!" said Ruthie, trying it on.

The last gift was neatly wrapped with heart wrapping paper, with a white envelope on it.

First Ruthie opened the card

"Thanks girls!" cried Ruthie

She tore the gift open and gave a squeal of delight.  "A mini doll!" cried Ruthie, "how did you guys know I wanted her?  And that I wanted to name her Ruth,"
 seeing the sticker that said Ruthie.

Ruthie stared admiringly at the beautiful doll

Ruthie was so excited about her present!
I hope you enjoyed the photo story!  More fun posts coming in the future :)
Oh and also, just let me know if you would like to see a tutorial on how to make the doll-sized bow or the doll-sized books! :)
Happy (late) Valentine's day!
~Hope and Ruthie!


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