Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hey girls! :)
I just wanted to post a few updates real quick!
So first of all, I finally have made a contact form you guys can fill out.  You can just contact us, even if you don't have an email.  The link will be included in our Contact page, and it is totally safe and everything! ;) An email is optional when you fill the forms out, so don't feel as if you have to put your email!  Another thing, I do not appreciate spam mail.  Anything spam or hate I will immediately delete and block the IP, so please do not do that! :)  This is for positive, or letting me know something!
Another thing, do you think AGDS should get an Instagram?  Leave a comment below! :)
And also, my birthday is this week and I'm getting presents tomorrow!  Exciting, right? :)
And Mal's birthday party is coming up soon! :)

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