Sunday, September 8, 2013


Molly: HEY EVERYONE!  IT'S MOLLY AND I'M SO, SO, SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SCHOOL JUST STARTED BACK UP!  Ahem, well, anyways, if you haven't noticed I love school.
Anyways, I thought it would be interesting to tell how our school works.
My first day was Thursday the fifth.  We all go to this Special Doll Arts school where you have a specific talent you specialize in.  At the Special Doll Arts academy, you have to take classes for at least 4 hours a day of what you specialize in.
I specialize in schoolwork, because I'm smart and have a very high IQ.
Saige: You don't have to rub it in, Molly!
Molly: Oops sorry. 
Mallory: Bonjour!  It is I, the amazing, beautiful Mal!  I specialize in acting and my classes are 9:00 AM-1:00 PM.  Before that mom teaches all of us for an hour.  Molly started Thursday, but we are all starting this Tuesday.  I NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR SOMETHING TO WEAR ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! *SCREAMS* SHOPPING!!!!!
Saige: OH HI! HI! HI!  Well I specialize in fashion designing!!!! EEEK CLOTHES!
Ruthie: I specialize in writing!
Kit: I specialize in sports!
Caroline: I specialize in geography and fossil classifaction.
Saige: Too many big words! *Faints*
Molly: Okay well that's all!!!! 


  1. Our school is really similar to that! We each have a specialization that we take for four hours a day, then we have to take modeling for an hour, and then we have reading and math for two hours.
    Julie-My specialization is hip-hop dance.
    Athena-Mine is sports.
    Kanani-Mine is ballet dance!
    Ivey-Mine is gymnastics.
    Kenna-So is mine!
    Emily-I have photography.
    Marie-Grace-CeCe and I have music. However, I do instrumental and voice, and she only does voice.
    Willow-I'm in sports.
    Saige-And I'm in horseback riding!
    School started last week. Athena hates it. No one else does.


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