Friday, September 27, 2013

Caption That Doll is Back!

Hey everyone!  I know I haven't done Caption That Doll in about 2 months, as I was taking a break, and now its back! So yay!  I will post it next Saturday, and you have till Wednesday until I post my top 3 favorites.  Then everyone can vote and I will announce the winner the next Saturday, including the new picture. :)
Also, for some reason I haven't been getting very many commenters, so please comment!  I read every single comment, and I try to reply to all of them!  And whenever I get a comment I'm so happy, and I love it when people comment. 
And also, I just want to thank everyone.  I wouldn't be here without ANY of my followers, and I can't believe it (it's crazy!)  Thank you so much, everyone.  :)
A very thankful,
Hope! ;)


  1. Sorry, I'm a very silent reader! I'll try to comment more! :)

  2. u post more i comment more!n lol


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