Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Fashion 2013!

Hey girls!  It's Mal, and it's fall!  Fall is such a pretty season, and I'm happy to share some of my favorite fall fashions with you!
So, what should you wear for fall?  Sweaters, jeans, skirts & leggings, converse, flats, bows, scarves!  The choices are endless--and I'm here to share with you some of my favorite fall fashions [oh, for dolls of course!]

Okay, I found this other cute fall outfit, but the picture won't appear (your killing me blogger -_-)  It's Dreamworld Collections, and it's SO CUTE- linky: AHHH LONG LINK!  Anyways, the skirt?  The vest?  Lovin' it!

Now it's time for...DOLL HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!  These are from American Girl!

Ballet outfit!  It can double as dance wear and a cute Halloween costume!

Spooky Fun Outfit!  Not my favorite, (I LOVE THE TUTU THOUGH! <3) but it is still cute!

Genie Outfit! Simply adorable!  I love the mix of purples (defenitly a fall color) and the gold!  I'm trying to decide whether I should be these or.....

a sparkly witch!  Haha, I'm kinda leaning on the genie costume though--but the witch costume is pretty cute!  The broom is a nice touch ;) Makes me think Harry Potter...:P

This is perfect for fall!  The jeans and the long-sleeved shirt make it perfect for the cool weather, while the vest and the flowery pattern add a super cute touch!  The purple sandals are also pretty cute!

These PJ's are SO CUTE!  Everyone says they don't like them, but I LOVE THE COLORS AND THE BOOTS!  THEY ARE PERFECT!
Anyways, ahem, okay well that finishes my post! Look for more fashion posts by moi, and if you need any fashion advice you know who to ask ;)

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