Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Missing Tiara Part 2

Hey everyone!  I know you all have been waiting patiently for Part 2 of the Missing Tiara, so here it is, ready to post! :) And I'm starting Caption That Doll up again this Saturday, so be on the look-out!
"Mal, where did you get that?" Kit asked, indicating to the blue ribbon in Mallory's hair.

"I found it in the hair things," replied Mallory, turning around and smiling.  "Doesn't it look marvelous?"

"Yeah," said Kit, sighing.  She was back where she started, with no clues about the tiara bandit at all.

"Oh I've gotta go, I've got mani-peti's at one with C and Saige.  Bye!" And Mallory was off. 

Kit turned around and went back through the door, to look for more clues

When she ran into Molly, who had just got back from taking Meatloaf on a walk.  Meatloaf was panting and barking, and excited to see Kit.

"Hey, Molls!" said Kit, waving her hand.

"Hey Kit!" said Molly.  "Hey, have you seen a tiara anywhere?  Sydney Lee's missing hers for the recital next week."

"Well," said Molly, "earlier I did see a tiara!  I was about to go get it to see if anyone lost it, but a hand from behind the wall reached out and grabbed it.  I just assumed whoever it was had gotten the tiara back."

When all the sudden Meatloaf started barking.  "Oh Meatloaf must be hungry," said Molly, "better go feed him."  "Wait," said Kit, "where did you see the hand?"

"It was in Caroline and Saige's room." responded Molly, "cya later!"

Kit waved and went to Molly's room to go investiagate.  When all the sudden.....

What do you think happened to the tiara?  Who do you think stole it?  And what do you think Kit saw/heard/felt?  :D Be sure to comment ideas & check back for Part 3!


  1. The Barbies must have taken it!!! I am so excited for PART 3!!!! When are you gonna post part 3?

    1. Maybe! :)
      I'm not sure yet, but I think today :)

  2. I'm not even shure but I do know the suspension is killing me!!!

  3. That is so good! Maybe she saw a shadow and in the shadow she saw a tiara?

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