Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Opinion: AG New Release ~Summer 2014~

Hey girls!
Sorry this is so late, but here's my opinion on the New Release.  New post coming tomorrow!  I was trying to post the video the other day, but it's having technical difficulties.  However, expect that soon!

So first we have the new MAG Doll.  She has light skin, wavy red hair and green eyes.  I think she's adorable, but Saige looks a lot like her.

Lots of new outfits!  Here's Isabelle's Sparkle Dress, which costs $36.  I think it's adorable, but it reminds me of Barbie.  Pink, sparkles, long flowly dress?  Yep.  If I were to get this, it would be for Sydney Lee since she loves dancing, or Mal since she is an actress and dancer.

The Coconut Cutie Outfit for $30.  I like the tutu and shoes, but other then that not a big fan of the outfit or the price.

Here we have the Starry Hoodie outfit for $30.  Let me just say, this for $30?  And I don't really like the outfit either.  The shoes are cute, but the rest is ehh.

Here we have the School Stripes Dress for $28.  I think it's cute, but honestly I don't need any more doll outfits like this ;)

Bright Stripes Outfit.  $38.  Once again, the price is a little high for just this.  $28, $30 seems more reasonable.  And does AG have a thing with stripes?

Petal's Plaid Outfit for $24.  The price is fair, and the pj's are cute.  However, I don't need any pj's :)

Oh my gosh.  I NEED THIS!  Saige and Mallory are both cheerleaders, so it would be perfect for them.  I love it so much more then the ISU Cheer Campus one or whatever.  The price is $48, not cheap, but I LOVE IT!

Skateboarding set.  $42.  One word: what?  First off, look at the skateboard.  What in the world?  It looks misshaped.  And her outfit.  Who would wear that dress while skating?

Karate Set for $38.  I already have one for build-a-bears, and that one was $10, and it came with every single belt.  This just comes with the black belt and its $38.  And the Build-a-bear one fits.

NO AGG WHY!!!  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!  But I love so many other outfits so much.  What do I do??  This would be perfect for Caroline or Mallory, since Mal is a fashion-freak and C loves the outdoors.  It's $30, and I love the shirt and belt. :)

Bee Myself Outfit.  toooo..... yelloooowww...And shouldn't this be for Bitty Babies?

This has been here longer, but I really want this, too.  Very cute! :) $28.

This is honestly really cute, but way too pricey.  $213?  I prefer the Dreamy Daybed to this, for one it's bigger, it sleeps two dolls, and it comes with storage underneath.  And the DD (Dreamy Daybed) costs $129.

This is really cute.  It's $58, and I could really use it to store doll accessories inside.  I think I'll get it with the Dreamy Daybed, because it kind of matches and it has lots of storage, and I just love the adorable accessories!

Cute, but way too expensive. It comes with the tent and that lantern.  For $85.  The OG one comes with a tent and several camping accessories, yet it costs much less.  So if you want this, get the Our Generation one.  It might be even bigger, but it's adorable.

The Beach Chair set, which is really cute.  It's for $48, which is kinda expensive for that chair and fake food, but whatever, I don't want it.

Isabelle's Makeup Set, which is so cute!  I was going to get it for Mallory, until getting a closer look at the set.  Only a fragrance bottle, some lip gloss and a little blush tool.  I made a huge makeup set complete with eye shadow, blush and lipgloss for FREE.

Jewels Highlight set for $15. To be honest, I liked the first highlight set better. And a green highlight?

Accent Braid Clips for $15.  Cheap(ish), but I think it's much more fun to do your doll's hair.  However, I might get this for Kit or Mallory, since Kit has short hair and Mal has layers.

Doodle backpack set for $28.  It's acutally pretty cheap, compared to other stuff.  It's cute, but not something I plan on purchasing.

The earring tree for $10. Very cheap and cute! :)
So that's not all, but you can check out the whole release at the store on
Have an awesome day!

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