Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July! {Photostory}

It was a hot, sunny day and the house was in chaos.  The dolls had been invited to a 4th of July party/cook-out.  Everyone was running around, getting ready, grabbing the food, and making last minute brownies.
Mallory sat at the desk in her bedroom she shared with Ruthie, which was covered in makeup, and a complete mess. 

Mallory was quickly applying some mascara when Ruthie entered.

"Mallory, what happened to our desk?  And why are there clothes covering your bed?"  Ruthie asked.  Ruthie absolutely hated messes, and she was always the most organized of the family.

"Don't tell me you forgot!" cried Mallory dramatically, throwing her arms up in the air.

"Forgot...uhh..what?" Ruthie finally asked.  "Ruthie!  Saige and I are riding on the ending float in the 4th of July parade!  And you promised to help me with my makeup!"  "Oh, yeah," said Ruthie, "I remember.  Sorry, the house is a complete mess and Kit just called me to tell me to bring the camera, but  I can't find it because her room is so messy." 

Ruthie started doing Mallory's makeup, and quickly applied some sparkly light blue eye shadow.

Next came the lipgloss.

"Tah-dah!" cried Mallory, spinning around.  "How do I look?"  "Great!" cried Ruthie, who really meant it. 

The kitchen was also a mess, as Caroline ran around looking for the hamburgers. 

"Where could they be!?" she cried.

"Aha!" she said, spotting the hamburger box on top of the fridge.  "I must have set it there earlier!"

While Caroline stacked up the food, Saige walked in.  "How do I look?"

"Fine," said Caroline, not even looking up.  Saige giggled.  "Sorry," said Caroline, "I have to bring the hamburgers to the cookout."

"Oh, I have to go!" cried Saige grabbing her dance bag, "see you later!"

Mallory followed Saige out of the kitchen.

Later, everyone was gathered at the picnic enjoying some of the delicious hamburgers and watermelon.  "Let the parade begin!" cried the announcer.  Many awesome floats came by, where the people on top through out candy and even cupcakes!

But last of all came Mallory and Saige on their float.  All the dolls clapped as loud as they could!

And the float was great!  It even had American flags on it.  Saige and Mallory threw out cupcakes!
When they made it to the end, they jumped off the float and did an awesome dance for everyone!

They both ended in their left and right splits!

Overall, the dolls had a fantastic time.  The fun wasn't over yet, though.  Next they enjoyed an awesome fireworks show!
Sorry this is late guys, I did this yesterday and it took me 2 hours to set everything up and stuff :D


  1. Cute, I love it! Saige looks BEAUTIFUL! :) Love her dress, great photostory! :)


  2. Awesome photo story! I love Mallory's dress! Where did you get it? :)

    ~ Mint

  3. This was a great photo-story!

    Loved the float idea :)


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