Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Bake Sale!

Hey girls!  I thought it was time for a new photostory--so here goes! :)

It was a bright sunny Saturday afternoon, and Molly walked up to Mallory and sighed.

"What's wrong, Molls?" asked Mallory.

"Caroline and Saige's birthday party is next weekend, and I need to earn money for a present."  "Me, too," said Mallory, "we should work together to come up with the money."  The girls sat in thought for a few minutes, thinking of what they should do.

Suddenly Mal cried, "I know!  We should do a BAKE SALE!"  Molly instantly agreed, and the girls began to set it up.

"Perfect!" said Mallory, admiring the sign, menu and stand the girls had made.

They looked down, and there hung a BAKE SALE!!! banner, a Menu, and of course there stand (guess who chose the color? ;))

Suddenly Kit and Meatloaf walked up to Mallory and Molly's stand.  "Our first customer!" Molly whispered to Mal.  "Hi, guys!" said Kit, "I'll have a doughnut, please, and do you have a treat for Meatloaf, too?"  Kit looked up from the menu and Mallory nodded.

Kit smiled, "this was a good idea, girls, it's the perfect day for a snack!"

Molly turned back around and gave Kit a doughnut and a dog buscit for Meatloaf.

"Thanks!" said Kit, opening her wallet and rummaging around for money.

Kit handed the money over and a little coin (for a tip!)  Molly smiled.  "Thanks, Kit!" she took the tip and Kit left.

Next, Ruthie, purse in hand, walked up.  "Hi!" said Ruthie.

"I think I'll have a vanilla ice cream cone, please," Ruthie ordered.

"Here you go!" said Mallory, and Ruthie handed her the money.

Ruthie licked the ice cream cone.  "Delicious!" she said.

Next up came Sydney Lee, who was just coming home from dance practice.

"Hi," Sydney Lee said, "I'll have the pink cupcake, please.  And a water!"

"Good choice!" said Mallory, "that's my favorite!"

The girls handed Sydney Lee her order, and Sydney Lee smiled and tipped them. 

At the end of the day, Molly and Mal counted all the money up.  "Yes!" cried Molly, "we have enough to buy them some presents!"

Mallory smiled and the two girls high-fived eachother.

How do your dolls earn money?


  1. My dolls earn money like this: Mom, we need money. Me: No. Dolls: YES Me: will i get anything? Them: Sure! Me: Here ya go.
    - Anonymous A.


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