Sunday, November 10, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #12

Okay everyone, it's time to annouce the winner of Caption That Doll Picture #11 and the new Caption That Doll Picture #12!
So, first, I loved EVERYBODY's captions sooo much!  It was so hard to pick the top 3,

Congrats Dollygirl!  Her caption:
Dollygirl's caption!  Here it is:
Molly: Um...Mallory?
Mal: Huh? Oh, hey Molly.
Molly: Um, Mallory, you know it's snowing, right?
Mal: MOLLY, I'm a DOLL! I won't get cold!
Molly: Ok, I just thought you might care if your cloth body gets wet and moldy and Human sends you to the...DOLL HOSPITAL. *dun dun dun*
And now for Caption That Doll Picture 12:

Uh oh!  Someone's gotten into the candy!  What do you think Meatloaf and Luke Skywalker (Kit ;)) are saying?  Leave your caption in a comment, post it on the AGFMB or email it to me!  Thanks ;)


  1. Kit: Meatloaf! What are you doing?!
    Meatloaf: *snicker snicker snicker*
    Kit: Don't you know this is Ruthie's candy?
    Meatloaf: *snicker snicker snicker*
    Kit: Bad! Very bad!
    *Meatloaf runs away*
    Ruthie: KIT! You ate all my candy!
    Kit: What? It was Meatloaf!
    Ruthie: Oh, sure, blame everything on our poor little innocent dog! I'm telling Human!
    *Ruthie leaves to tell Human*
    Kit: Urgh! When I find that dog I'm gonna lightsaber him!


  2. Congrats Dollygirl!

    Kitty form

  3. (Doorbell)
    Kit: (opens the door)
    Trick or Treaters: Trick or Treat!!!!
    Kit: Love your costumes! Hold on, I'll get the candy.
    (Kit goes to the candy bowl and sees meatloaf)
    Kit: Meatloaf! Get out of there!
    (Meatloaf runs out of the room with some smarties)
    Kit: (Grabs candy and goes to trick or treaters) Here you go!
    Trick or Treaters: Why does it have dog slobber on it?
    Kit: That's not dog slobber, that's umm, Ghost Glob!
    Trick or Treaters: Cool!
    Kit: Happy Halloween!!!


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