Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween Party

Hey everyone, sorry for the long wait of our Halloween pictures.  I had so much fun taking them, and getting my dolls into costume. :)  So, here it is!
"Saige!" Kit cried, running to catch up with her, "have you seen Molly and Ruthie at all?"

"No," said Saige, "are you on your way to Mal's Halloween party?"  "Yes," said Kit, "I was going to see if Molly and Ruthie were on there way, but I haven't seen them all day."  "I haven't seen Mal or Caroline all day," Saige said.

"I guess we can walk together, then," said Kit. 

"Okay," agreed Saige, "but wait, what are you being for Halloween?"

"Well, duh!" cried Kit, "isn't it obvious?"

Kit pulled up her hood and grabbed a lightsaber from her waist.  "I'm Luke Skywalker!" she said.  "From Star Wars?" giggled Saige, "but he's a BOY!"  "Whatever!" cried Kit, "the only costumes they had were princesses, fairies and ballerinas, and what fun are those?"  Saige kept giggling.  "So what are you supposed to be?" asked Kit.

"A popstar!" cried Saige, grabbing her pink microphone and holding it up to her mouth, as she started singing.  "Um, I think Mal could give you a few singing lessons," said Kit.  Saige sounded off-key and screechy.

"Well, we'd better go," said Saige, "we can't be late for Mal's Halloween Party--you know she gives the best parties!"  The girls hurried over to Mal's house, and opened the door. 

There stood Mallory and Caroline, both wearing matching crowns, with a Happy Halloween 2013!!!! banner above them.

"Welcome to my, Princess Mallory's fantabulous Halloween party!  Have a boorific time!"

"And I am Queen Caroline!" said Caroline.

Mallory and Caroline thrust their hands up and yelled "Happy Halloween!"  "So that's where you guys were all day!" said Saige, "planning your costumes."

Next, Ruthie and Molly walked in.  "I'm Molly!" said Ruthie.  "And I'm Ruthie!" said Molly.  Kit laughed. 

And next came Sydney Lee, dressed up as a sparkly ballerina.  "I knew you'd be a ballerina!" cried Saige, "since you love ballet!"
After everyone was there, Mallory led them through the treats line.  There were pumpkin and ghost decorated cookies, candy corn, a spooky halloween cake and a bunch of candy.

"Next!" said Mallory, "is the candy guessing contest!  You just have to guess how many pieces of candy are in this bowl!  And I will be guessing too, don't worry, I'm not cheating, I had a friend count this out for me and write the answer on a slip of paper inside!  So everyone can guess!"

Mal opened the guessing bowl, and everyone took a turn trying to guess how many pieces of candy were in it!

After everyone had put their guess in, it was time to announce the winner!

Mal unfolded the slip of paper and looked through all the guesses.  "We have a winner!" she cried, "DRUMROLL.....the winner is...RUTHIE!"

She pulled Ruthie's slip out, and Ruthie had guessed exactly the number!  12!

"Yay!" cried Ruthie

She went to the table and grabbed the candy bucket.

"Next," said Mallory, "is the costume contest.  So all you have to do is enter.  And, to make this fair, the blog viewers get to vote on a poll!  The winner will be announced this Saturday!"

Sydney Lee wasn't entering, so she took all the entries and entered them in on the iPad.  "Okay!" she said, "everyone's entered now!"

Who do you think wins the costume contest?  A poll's at the bottom of the post, and here's all the costumes again:

Choice 1: Mallory as a princess

Choice 2: Ruthie as Molly

Choice 3: Molly as Ruthie

Choice 4: Caroline as a Queen

Choice 5: Saige as a popstar

Choice 6: Kit as Luke Skywalker
Please vote!  Every single vote counts, and the winner will be announced this weekend!
Here's the link: click there or copy & paste into your browser!

Happy Halloween 2013!  A fun Halloween edit will be coming tomorrow :)

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