Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey guys..

So if you haven't noticed (which you probably have) I haven't been blogging very much.  I've honestly been so busy, it was hard for me to find a time to get on the computer!!  I've been busy with a science project, history project, book report, homework, volleyball season (which just ended), plus football games (which I've been having to go to), and I've also been trying to find time to spend with my friends (in real life).

And also, I haven't been really interested in Ag very much.  I don't really know, but I've kinda been loosing interest over the past few weeks.  I think I might be taking a break (which I really already have, lol), because I can think of any good posts to do, and I haven't been interested in ag.  Several months ago, I had way more views & comments because I posted so often.  But this summer-October I haven't been posting very much, and I'm not sure if I'm loosing interest in Ag, blogging, or what.  I just need to take some time off to relax, get post ideas, and prepare posts.

I would have posted this sooner but my Internet has been down for my laptop (and then I found out someone turned airplane mode on by accident? -__-) and I've been extremely busy since vball season just ended, I have had several games and practices in the past week.

And, I really need to update my blog design.  Especially the header, because I was working on this awesome edit but then I had some technical difficulties.  And also the awards tab, because there's only one and I've gotten like 5 more awards since then XD.

So please bear with me!  I have no intentions of deleting my blog or anything, I just need to take a break!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful fall!


  1. Aw! It's ok! Everyone needs a break sometimes.
    Watch basilmentos. She gives you inspiration all the time - and not just for AGSM's! She inspires me A LOT. <3

  2. If you fully lose interest, I'll steal Mallory. XD


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