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The Secret Princess Part 4 ~FINAL!!!~

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So anyways, onto TSP Finale!
[BTW, if you don't know why they are staying in a hotel, they are going to find the evil queen in the northern part of the kingdom]
The carriage stopped.  They were in the Northern Kingdom, and it was extremely cold.  Mary, the servant, went to knock on a hotel door. 

It was very late, so when the hotel owner answered the door in her pajamas, it was hard not to laugh.  "Yes?" she said, "what brings you here so late?"

"We would like two rooms, please.  Two in each room."  "I'm sorry," said the hotel owner, "all our rooms are full.  Since the coronation is coming up soon, all the hotels are packed."  "But the coronation isn't till two months," said Mary.  The hotel owner shrugged.

Violet got out of the carriage.  "Perhaps I can change your mind," she said.

"Princess Violet!" cried the hotel owner.  "Welco--I mean, of course!  The only room we have left only has two beds, but I could make another on the floor."  "Right," said Mary, "the guard will stand outside the room to make sure, er, any unexpected visitors come."

"Thank you," said Violet, as she got her bag out of the carriage.  The guard was getting the rest of the luggage.

"I'll go fix the bed and send someone to fetch the luggage." The hotel owner ran up the stairs.
She came back down moments later. "All ready!"  She led the group up to their room.

"Here it is." said the Hotel owner.

"Have a wonderful stay!  Breakfast is at 8 AM tomorrow.  Let me know if I can be of any help!" Then, she left the room.

"I'll sleep on the floor." said Mary instantly.  "No, of course not," said Arianna. "You've been sleeping there for your entire life.  Sleep on the bed tonight!"  "But--princess," said Mary.  Ari shook her head firmly.  Violet even offered her the big bed, but Mary refused.

The girls sat in bed, and talked about their quest to the evil queen.  After they got into a conversation about Arianna's dad and the evil queen, Ari turned to Mary.  "Do you have any parents, Mary?"

"Well, I don't know.  I mean, of course I do, but I never knew them.  I only have a necklace my mother gave me, and a note she left me.  It says To Mary, but I open it and it has nothing on it."

"Do you have it with you?" asked Ari.  "Well, yes, I bring it everywhere with me," said Mary, opening the letter and showing it to Ari and Violet.  "Are you sure it's blank?" asked Ari.  "Well, of course," said Mary, "It's plain white.  Nothing at all is on it."  
Violet examined the letter, and picked up a flashlight and a pen.  "What are you doing?" asked Ari.  "You'll see," said Violet.  She shone the flashlight on the page and scribbled with the pen, all of the sudden, letters and words stood out on the page.  "Invisible ink!" cried Mary, "your a genius, Princess!"
Mary read the letter aloud:
Dear Mary,
By the time you read this, I will be gone.  It is very unsafe for me to be writing this, be very careful who reads this.  I know someday you will find what it really says.  I am so sorry I had to leave you, Mary, but I must.  However, you will know when the day will come to find me.  I can't tell you when, or I will be gravely punished, but take this as your clue:
Eht yad fo eht noitanoroc
Your Mother

"We have to uncover the code!" cried Ari, "it's much more important we find out about your mother!"  "It's too dangerous," said Mary, "we can't!"  "But we have to," said Violet, "finding your mother is much more important."

"Whatever happens," said Ari, grabbing Violet and Mary's hands, "we'll always be together!"
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