Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Secret Princess Part 3

Hey girls! 
I'm sorry it took me so long to do Part 3, but here it is!  :)
If you haven't read Part 1 or 2, here are the links:
As Arianna walked down the hallway slowly to find her mother (aka, the Queen), her mother ended up running into her.

"Ariana!" Queen Charlotte cried, "could that possibly be you?  You've grown up so much!  But you still look like your father.  Same red hair, oh darling it's been too long!"  Charlotte engulfed Arianna into a huge bear hug.

"Thanks, mother," replied Arianna, "I honestly don't know what to say.  I can't remember you at all."

Charlotte smiled.  "That's alright," she said, "you were only sent into the real world when you were a baby.  But there's danger, Arianna.  Your aunt, Queen Janessa, wants your power. She will stop at nothing to get it."  " I have to go, mom," said Ari, "I have to find her, and stop her."

The queen sighed.  "I knew you would say that," she said, "but okay.  But your sister, Violet, and your servant will accompany you.  I already have her packing in your bedroom."
Arianna nodded and climbed up the long spiral staircase, and opened the door to her room.

"Oh dear, your back!" cried the servant, "I should have finished packing already!  Dear me!"

Ari eyed the floor.  Clothes, shoes, bags and boxes were scattered all over.

"Don't worry," said Arianna kneeling down, "I'll help you pack."  "You don't have t--"  "But I want to."

Ari opened the boxes and folded the clothes as the servant cleaned the floor.

"All done!" said Ari, shutting the boxes.  "Okay!" said the servant, "I'll call the servants to haul this down into the carriage."
Arianna went outside and said her goodbyes to her mother and the servants.  When they got in the carriage, Violet reached out and grabbed her hand.  "Remember, whatever happens," said Violet.  "We'll always be sisters."

"Of course," said Ari.  "Sisters forever."

"Sisters forever."
Hope you enjoyed Part 3!  :) Part 4 coming later this week!

 And here's a little behind the scenes fun! :)
Isn't Caroline's hair so cute?  I love this diagonal twist with her curly hair!
And don't you love this style on Saige's hair?  Tutorial coming next week! :)

Here's my messy doll area/house.  I literally had to take everything out of the house for the TSP (The Secret Princess)!


  1. Yay! I can't wait for part four! I have read all the other parts and they are great! :)

    ~ Mint

  2. Great story and photo story. Love the behind the scenes too. Keep up the good work.


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