Sunday, February 16, 2014

AG Dolly Sisters 1 Year Anniversary

1 year ago, I decided to start a blog called AG Dolly Sisters, where I blogged about American Girl Dolls--photostories, crafts, AG news, and so many other things!  Over the past year I've made 269 posts (including this one, 270).  22422 pageviews.  35 followers.  Viewers in places like the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Romania, many more places!!  I'm so glad that I had the chance to start a blog about the thing I love.  I think this is the longest I've ever kept one of my blogs.  And I'm glad I have so many amazing girls that checked my blog and supported it, even when I took breaks, etc. :) 

I just want to give a special thank you to Liz from (AmericanGirlFan) for inspiring me to start this blog.  And thank you to all the amazing people who have helped me through it, and just stuck with it this whole time!  I really hope I have the chance to make AG Dolly Sisters even bigger, and gain some more followers over the next year! :) 
So be sure to keep checking AG Dolly Sisters for even more posts to come, and more updates! :) Thanks girls so much!
                                                                        Thank you!
~Hope and Molly, Saige, Ruthie (who is now 13!!), Mal, Sydney Lee, Caroline & Kit
Coming tomorrow: Valentine's Day/Ruthie's Birthday & President's Day post


  1. Congratulations on a successful year! Looking forward to your future posts.

  2. YAYYYY!!! CONGRATS HOPE AND ALL DOLLIES! Your blog is amazing! Keep it up! <3


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