Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hey guys!
I know, long time no see.  I'm really sorry I haven't been posting on here, honestly, I've been so busy, I could hardly find the time to post this.
September is here, and school is back.  September/early October also means volleyball, and I have practices and games at least 3 times a week, it's been really crazy! And then I've been working on homework, projects on the weekend, still while practicing my piano & clarinet, I honestly have had no time at all to post.
Sounds like an excuse, but I mean it.  As volleyball season is ending, I will probably get back into posting in early/mid October.  I've also been busy planning my new AG video series, which should be premiering here in November or December. :)
Does anyone else agree September has completely flown by?
But, I'm working on posts, and after volleyball ends I will have more time during the week to work on posting! :)

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  1. I understand, I get busy days too! Looking forward to your future posts!!


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