Friday, March 22, 2013

Dolly Sites with....ME!

Hey girls!  It's time for Dolly Sites again!  Yeah, I've realized I haven't posted Dolly Sites since Feb 22nd, I've been so busy I just forgot!  So, everyone who commented their site will be added to the linky :)
Just copy & paste these into your browser :)
1. American Girl, run by a girl named Liz, this site ROCKS!
2. American Girl Fan Message Board-(Link on American Girl Fan)
3. Fun with the , run by my friend Jan, this site rocks!
4. AG Photostory , run by my friend Cindy, this site is awesome!
5. Delightful World of
6. AGChloeAndZoe's Youtube-
7. Dolls On Da
8. Amanda's Blog-
IF you want your blog to be up here, leave the link in a comment or email it to me at .  Also, if you chose to email, please put Dolly Sites in the subject. because I get lots of emails :)


  1. Please put mine up!


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