Monday, January 5, 2015

~My Opinion: Grace Thomas GOTY 2015 & her Collection~

Hey everyone! :)  So to start off January, I've decided to do a "my opinion post" on GOTY 2015--Grace Thomas and her collection.  Let's get started! :)

So, here's Grace!  I looove Grace, and she's on my wish list of dolls (only 1 other, MAG 35).  Grace's story is fairly unique, but I absolutely adore her collection!  When I purchase her, I plan to rename her to Bella.  Since she's French, she's probably going to be Mallory's sister or cousin.  And her side bangs?  ADORABLE!  Her meet outfit?  ADORABLE! 

Here's Grace's baking outfit.  This is really cute, but probably not on my wish list.  For some weird reason, the cupcake pattern on the blue shirt is upside down?  I love her apron, though!  So that's a maybe!

I love, love, love her pajamas!  I love the light blue color, and her bangs look really cute in the side ponytail. This is on my wish list!

Grace's City Outfit.  Well, done Ag!  This totally looks like something a girl would wear today!  I love the white collar under the red sweater.  And her shorts?  Cute!  This is for sure on my wish list!  Couldn't you see Saige or Mallory wearing this?

This is pretty cute!  The only part I really like is her dress, her headband looks like something you'd find at the dollar store and her sandals are okay. :)

Grace's travel coat. Kudos to Ag, this is only $28!  When I saw it I expected some crazy price like $38!  Honestly, this coat is so adorable!  I love the light blue color!

Grace's baking set.  This is so cute, but I've seen one from Our Generation for $16-20.  This is $68.

Grace's French bakery.  This is sooo cute!  But it's $500.  WHAT?! 

Grace's French bulldog. Aww, I love the bow!

Grace's bistro set.  This looks like something that would be great for stop motioning!

Grace's travel set.  This is adorable!

Grace's pastry cart.  Um, not a big fan.  What's with all the curly cues?  This looks way overdone.

Grace's Paris accessories.  I love these! (:
Overall, her collection is cute and I love the blue!  It's definitely not as pink and overly girly as usual.  Bravo, Ag!  I love her collection!

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  1. Just an FYI. Her cupcakes are right side up on the actual shirt. My guess is the cutter wasn't paying attention when the top for the photo shoot was sewn. I love all her things but won't be buying the Bistro set, her push cart, or her bakery. A little too much for my budget.


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