Sunday, May 18, 2014

~American Girl Dollhouse Wishlist!~

Hey girls!  So after getting my dollhouse, of course I need to furnish it, right?  So right now, I really just need to furnish the downstairs & Caroline/Saige's bedroom!  I decided to show you what I plan on getting!  :) This will probably take me a year or two to completly furnish, but I'm going to save up money over the summer!
So first, let's start with the downstairs kitchen area.  I have a fridge, but of course I need a table & chairs, right?  Well look at this awesome bargain I found on Our Generation...

All of this, the 2 chairs, table & teapot and cups for $40.  $40!!!  I was planning on purchasing the table & chairs plus accessories from American Girl for $129!!!  And the table accessories from AG almost cost as much as all of this!  Besides, this would go better with my kitchen/downstairs, matching the pink theme!

And of course, for the living room, I need a couch.  Also matching the pink theme, this is from My Doll's Life/Sophia's for $79.95, even though I did see it on eBay for $60, but now it's sold out -__-  I love the matching pillows and lamp, and I think this would be a great addition to my dollhouse!
Moving on to the second floor, there's not really much I need.  That's the floor where Kit & Mallory/Ruthie's bedroom is now, but Kit's bedroom I will probably make the bathroom.

Anyways, for Mal & Ruthie's room, I'm planning on purchasing this zebra beanbag for $11.50, I believe.  I found this on eBay and I love how it looks!
And that's all, now for the top floor!  On the top floor, I need a bed that fits 2 dolls for Caroline & Saige's bedroom.  Sooo..I've decided to get...

The Dreamy Daybed & Bedding from American Girl for $129!  This will probably be the last thing I purchase because it is the most expensive!  And lastly...

The nightstand set!  Right now it's for sale on AG for only $43.50.  The original price is $58.  Pretty pricy, but a good deal.  I love the mini tissue box!
So what do you guys think?  Are you planning on purchasing anything for a doll room/house?  If so, check my Froggy Stuff first because I was planning on purchasing a desk, but you can acutally do it for $5 instead of $50!  Saving you lots of money! ;)
Have a Sunday! :)


  1. Great wish list! I hope you can get everything you need.

  2. Cool! You could try crafting some of that stuff instead, it could save you money.
    Doll Diaries has a tutorial on the tissue box and a dresser/sidetable/nightstand-lookin'-thing, just look around! DD also had a tutorial on lava lamps.I don't know what you could do about the lotion, but it's easy to make doll books! Just follow Liz's tutorial on doll notebooks and write your own stuff in and make some stickers the illustrations! And you could make the carpet out of a scrap of fabric. The glass of water you could probably do some clear glue in the cap/lid of a perfume bottle. That's what I did when I first got Molly.

    Don't have really anything for the Dreamy Daybed :/

    The beanbag's pretty cheap I suppose...

    You can make a couch HERE.

    I made chairs out of boxes that small envelopes come in. I turned on of those over and glued the lid at the edge for a seat-backing. And search for instructions in this next post for a table, and cover it in ducttape to make it look nice.

    Don't know if that was much help but it might save you some money. :D


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