Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Costumes

Since Halloween (or Dollween, in this case ;)) is right around the corner, I decided to do a post about what my dolls are being.  Feel free to comment below what your dolls are going to be! :)

It was a bright sunny Tuesday afternoon, and Mallory was busily rearranging her bed.  As she moved around her stuffed animals and pillows, Caroline walked up to her.

"Hey Mal!" said Caroline, "what's up?"

"Oh I'm just rearranging my bed," Mallory replied, "gotta make it look as fashionable as moi!"  Caroline giggled.  "So, I was wondering Mal, what are you going to be for Halloween."

"Halloween?" asked Mallory, "um.." "Do you not have a costume picked out already?" asked Caroline, surprised.  "Oh no!" Mallory said, laughing, "of course I do!  I picked it out in August, being the fashionista moi!  I'm just trying to decide between two."  "Which two?" asked Caroline. "A fairy princess or a popstar," said Mallory.  "Oh cool!" cried Caroline, "I bet you'll look so pretty as a fairy princess, but so stunning as a popstar!"  "Why thank you," said Mallory, giggling, "what are you being?"  "I think I'll be just a princess," said Caroline.

"Oh cool!" said Mallory, "your hair would look so pretty with a tiara!"  Caroline blushed.  "Thanks!"  When Mal gave a compliment, she really meant it!

"Do you know what everyone else is going to be?" asked Mal.  "I know Sydney Lee was going to be a ballerina, and Saige was still thinking.  I think Molly and Kit are going to stay home and hand out candy, while Ruthie makes decorations and costume fixes."
So, what do you think?  What are your dolls going to be for Halloween?  And do you think Mal should be a fairy princess or a popstar?  Comment below :)

Oh, and happy early Dolloween 2013!

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